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A Childcare Center That Feels Like Home

Often, working parents and guardians who are still studying find it difficult to balance time between work, school, and family. At Lullaby Infant Club in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, we understand this dilemma. This is why we offer complete childcare for parents who need professionals to look after their infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Our center caters to children who are at least six weeks old. To give more focus on your baby’s needs, we only accept a small number of children. Take note that we do provide lunch meals, if you would like to bring lunch for your child, please make sure that you bring provisions for your little ones for the duration of their stay at our facility. For more information, please call or email us today.

What Makes Us Different

Not all childcare centers are alike. Some may not meet the specific needs of a child. Others do not have the credentials through which trust can be gained, and they do not offer a supportive or encouraging environment.

At Lullaby Infant Club, we make sure that we live up to our name. We create a gentle and soothing ambience that helps children feel comfortable and relaxed. Through this, they can focus on the activities and things that matter.

If you would like to know more about what we do, please contact us.

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